Get Involved

New Economy Week is a national week of celebration designed to shine a light on the movement to build a new economy – an economy that is restorative to people, place, and the planet.

From October 13-19, we will be highlighting events, actions, reports, works of art, and other projects all across the US and Canada. By calling attention to the thousands of things people are doing right now to build a new kind of economy, we hope to inspire more participation in this movement and catalyze a conversation on the need for deep, systemic change.

We invite you to take part in this celebration, to convene your friends and your community, and to explore how you could be a part of building real alternatives in the midst of the place you live.

Event submissions will be promptly reviewed for compliance with our posting guidelines by New Economy Coalition staff will appear on the New Economy Week map once they are approved. We are excited to help promote and showcase your organizing efforts and demonstrate to the world not only that the economy needs to change but that change is underway.


Below is a list of ideas of how you can get that conversation started. We encourage you to get creative, and we ask that whatever you end up doing you submit it to our calendar of events so that we can help make this movement more visible to the world. Thank you!


Ideas For Action


Host A Map Jam

Our friends at Shareable have created a terrific platform for activists in cities around the world to gather and map grassroots sharing projects, cooperatives, community resources, and the commons. Mapping shared resources in your city not only shows that another world is possible--it shows it’s already here! Last October, communities just like yours collectively mapped 50 cities in just two weeks! Learn more and sign up to help put the New Economy on the map!

Lead a Discussion or a Vieweing Party for One of the New Economy Week 'Questions of The Day'

In addition to highlighting exciting work in the New Economy we also want to use New Economy Week as an opportunity to wrestle with some big questions facing those of us working to grow alternatives to the extractive economy.  We invite you to organize a discussion of one of those questions or a viewing of one of the virtual events listed on the map.

Screen A Film

An easy way to spark a conversation in your community is to organize a film screening. There are a number of captivating documentaries about the emerging new economy movement. Click here for information about some of our favorite New Economy films!

Partner With A Local Organization Or Business

Reach out and invite representatives of local new economy organization or businesses to speak at your school, congregation, or other community meeting place. Click here for a list of organizations that have local chapters and affiliates all over the US.

Organize A New Economy Tour

Work with local businesses and organizations to organize a guided tour of the New Economy in your community. Show off and learn from the cooperatives, credit unions, community organizations, common spaces, public gardens, and other New Economy projects in your town or city!

Put Together A Skill-Share Or A Really, Really Free Market (RRFM)

Bring the sharing economy alive in your community. Do you and your friends have clothes, books, tools or other things to swap or give away? Host a RRFM! Do you have skills that could be useful to others? Convene a skill-share and invite others to share their talents as well!

Get Creative

Bringing about a New Economy will require shifts in culture and there are few better ways to do that than through art. Gather some supplies, invite some musicians, and host a collective art making session – just make sure to share any great media with us so we can post it on our blog!