What Is New Economy Week?

New Economy Week 2014 may be over but the conversation continues. Stay connected by following the New Economy Coalition on Facebook, Twitter, and at www.neweconomy.net.

Our extractive economy is undermining our aspirations for a democratic society. Systemic racial and economic inequality coupled with an addiction to unsustainable growth spell out a future with less opportunity and more vulnerability for our communities. We can choose to accept this fate or we can commit to fighting for an economy that prioritizes life.

New Economy Week, now in its second year, is a public exploration of creative resistance – an opportunity to shine a light on the thousands upon thousands of efforts that everyday people are making right now to bring forth a new kind of economy.

All around us, innovators are engaged in the work of growing cooperative and community-owned enterprises, democratizing and stabilizing finance, finding new ways to share skills and goods, new ways to measure success, and new ways to meet growing human needs on an all too finite planet.

From October 13-19, 2014, New Economy Week will create a space for community leaders across the US and Canada to display their work to a broader public. Since the movement is constantly growing and adapting, New Economy Week also seeks to provide a platform for discussing some of the big questions that stand between us and a new economy. The New Economy Coalition will be hosting an online panel series engaging one of these questions on each day of New Economy Week.

New Economy Week 2014 Questions

How can we honor and learn from the rich histories of communities building New Economy institutions on the frontlines of fights for racial, economic, environmental justice?

How can we catalyze public conversation about the need for systemic change and the viability of economic alternatives that put people and the planet first?

How can we connect and learn from successful experiments, pilot projects, and campaigns to build broad-based power and effect deep transformation at scale?

How do we transition to a renewable economy without leaving the workers, young people, and communities most impacted by extractive industries behind?

How can we support neighborhoods, cities, towns, and regions as the fertile ground for the kind of economy we need?

Get Involved

We invite you to join these conversations online and to host some conversations of your own in your community.

If you'd like to organize an event for New Economy Week, add it to the map! If you're looking for ideas about what to do in your community, visit our get involved page!