What Is New Economy Week?

New Economy Week 2013 Is Over!

From October 12-18, 2013 New Economy Week highlighted events, actions, reports, works of art, and other projects across the United States and Canada. By calling attention to the thousands of things people are doing right now to build a new kind of economy, the week inspired more participation in this movement and catalyzed a conversation on the need for deep, systemic change.

The hope is that New Economy Week will become an annual celebration. To get updated as soon as NEW 2014 is announced, join our email list!

But there's no sense in waiting for us to take action. We encourage you to convene your friends and your community, and to explore how you could be a part of building real alternatives in the midst of the place you live.

If you're looking for ideas about what to do in your community, visit our get involved page!