Day 1: Good Work & Opportunity For All

We talk a lot about jobs and work—and for obvious reasons. Millions of people are underpaid, exploited, and jobless. Corporate power, austerity, and other factors have made well-paid work difficult to come by and have left many unemployed or in unstable situations with less control over their lives. 
But there’s hope. All around the world, we are witnessing people’s movements win—from the #FightFor15 to populist electoral insurgencies in Spain and Britain. We are also seeing new energy for transformative public policies, like a universal basic income, and growing interest in the cooperative model as a long-term economic development strategy.
What’s clear to so many people, and what drives the new economy movement, is the belief that  not only do we need more good jobs, but we also need a new economic system that ensures that everyone has the opportunity to earn a living on a living planet.
On the first day of #NewEconomyWeek we ask: “What are the strategies and policies to create an economy that guarantees good work and meaningful opportunity for all?”
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All times in Eastern Standard Time

1:00PM - Voices Of New Economies: Opportunity For All

1:30PM - Using the "C-Word": Will the New Economy Be Capitalism, or Something Else?

3:30PM - Cooperative Strategies For an Inclusive 21st Century Economy

A few of today’s #NewEconomyWeek stories

3 Ways to Jumpstart a Community Grounded Economy,” by Anthony Giancatarino of the Center for Social Inclusion. (YES! Magazine)

Meet the Maine Co-op Trying to Bring Fresh Local Food to 10,000 College Students,” by Jonah Fertig of the Cooperative Development Institute. (YES! Magazine)

"Good Green Jobs For All: Job-Centered Workforce Training Models," by Laura Porter of Co-op Power.

"Can the Bay Area Tech Economy Embrace Equity before it’s Too Late?," by Chris Schildt of Policy Link.

"The Internet Needs A New Economy," by Nathan Schneider and Trebor Scholz. (Next System Project)

And at Dissent Magazine, Income for All: Two Visions for a New Economy, a roundtable on proposals for a universal basic income and federal job guarantee featuring Kathi Weeks, Darrick Hamilton and Alyssa Battistoni.

Some #NewEconomyWeek events to check out

Brooklyn, NY: Income for All! Two Visions of a New Economy, featuring Darrick Hamilton, Alyssa Battistoni and Pavlina Tcherneva, moderated by Jesse Meyerson. Co-hosted with Dissent and Jacobin magazine at Verso Books’ New York office.

Washington DC: Our Generation Our Choice: Mobilization for Justice on Race, Climate Change, and Immigration, organized by Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, United We Dream, and NEC members and the Divestment Student Network. Read more about this unprecedented cross-movement mobilization in Salon and Common Dreams.

Buffalo, NY: Beyond the Buffalo Billion: Grassroots Strategies for Economic Empowerment. Video screening and panel discussion with local workers and economic development stakeholders to examine strategies for creating good jobs and building community wealth, hosted by PUSH Buffalo.

Abingdon, VA: Launch of Appalachia New Economy Week at Wolf Hills Brewery. Kicking off a week of events in Appalachia with beer and discussion about the New Economy at Wolf Hills Brewery.

Visit for the full list of events planned by NEC members and allies!