What Is New Economy Week?

From November 9-15, 2015, the New Economy Coalition hosted “New Economy Week: From Austerity to Prosperity”—a public conversation about the ideas that can transform society and build an economy where people and the planet matter. One year out from the 2016 US Presidential Election, New Economy Week convened some of the sharpest writers and activists to share their insights on what’s needed to reach a democratic and fair world.

We put forward five pressing challenges that stand between us and tomorrow’s economy and invited New Economy Coalition member organizations, community leaders, researchers—and you!—to respond to them.

Day 1: Good Work and Opportunity for All
Day 2: Building an Economy Where #BlackLivesMatter
Day 3: Democracy Versus the 1% 
Day 4: A People’s Climate Agenda
Day 5: Enough to Go Around

Each day, we published original content across the internet—from interviews and stories in traditional publications to Twitter chats and live YouTube panels. We also put out a call for in-person events that grapple with these issues and highlight work being done to build the new economy in communities across the world. Over the course of the week, there were over 50 in-person-events across the US and Canada, several exciting webinars and online panels, and over 40 written pieces from NEC members and allies!

There’s already widespread awareness that this system doesn’t work, especially for those on the margins of society. What’s less clear is what we can do about it. Now in its third year, New Economy Week 2015 will challenge us to explore what systemic change really looks like. We hope that by drawing attention to big ideas and concrete examples of real solutions, we will expand what’s politically possible, bringing us closer to a just, sustainable, and democratic society.