The Solutions Economy: Inspiring Social Enterprises for a Low-Carbon Future

Monday, November 02, 5:45PM to Saturday, November 14, 5:45PM
Transition Winnipeg
379 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0T9

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In November, we're hosting a festival of ideas from thinkers around the world to inspire local social enterprise solutions to global challenges. The low-carbon, steady-state economy of the future can deliver environmental, social, and financial sustainability, but this transition calls for new, collaborative forms of business organization that serve communities and enhance our quality of life under challenging circumstances. Join us to learn about and foster opportunities for steady-state social enterprises in renewable energy, food production and processing, transportation services, community planning, and social services. Meet others here in Winnipeg and from around the world who are already launching social enterprises designed to thrive during this time of Transition. 

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