Get Involved

New Economy Week 2015 is a public conversation, hosted by the New Economy Coalition, about ideas that can transform society and build an economy where people and the planet matter. 

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Organize an event
    Whether you’re rooted in a campaign or just looking to start a conversation, NEW events can be a great way to introduce your community to the New Economy, and amplify exciting work and ground-breaking ideas. See our New Economy Week Event Toolkit for more information on easy-to-plan events you can host in your own backyard, from speaking events to potlucks to film screenings. Put your event on the map today!


  2. Picture the #NewEconomy
    The 99 Percent vs. the 1 Percent captured so clearly what’s wrong with this economy. But what are the slogans and images that will help us envision what’s next? We’re partnering with YES! Magazine to bring your ideas to life. Tell us your best ideas for what can galvanize the #NewEconomy by 10/14, and we’ll work with leading artists turn the top 2 submissions into full-page, full-color posters to be unveiled at the kick-off of New Economy Week. Go here to learn more and give us your best rallying cry for the New Economy.


  3. Spread the word!
    One of the goals of New Economy Week is to expose more audiences to the powerful strategies of the New Economy movement. To accomplish that, we really need your help. We’re asking you to be ready to spread the word and to participate in as many events as you can!


We hope you’ll join us this November to draw attention to the big ideas and concrete examples of real solutions. Together we can expand what’s possible, bringing us closer to a just, sustainable, and democratic world.

- The New Economy Coalition staff