1worker1vote.org is building a national network of unionized worker-owned cooperative businesses to overcome opportunity, mobility, and income inequality. Union co-ops are based on the Mondragon principles dedicated to growing equal share equity for workers, fomenting solidarity, and building local living economies. Union co-ops operating under the Mondragon principles make sure no worker community -organized, unorganized, or alternative – is left behind.


  • Supports the creation, building, and launching of union worker cooperatives and initiatives across the country under the 2009 USW-Mondragon “one worker, one vote” collaboration framework
  • Creates a national network of union cooperatives (key to the 60-year-old Mondragon model, winner of the 2013 Financial Times “Boldness in Business” award)
  • Inclusively intersects with all participants in America’s growing National Worker Ownership Movement to increase “1worker1vote” ownership nationwide (in partnership with the American Sustainable Business Council)

1:1 infuses the existing and embryonic U.S. worker cooperative community with:

  • Enhanced solidarity culture, critical mass, and a trained & skilled workforce in diverse fields such as manufacturing through more robust collaboration with America’s Labor Movement while providing a tested and proven worker equity framework
  • An integrated nationwide network that captures Mondragon-style organizational and financial support mechanisms to increase employment, share investment opportunities, and cross-train worker-owners