Compression Institute

The Compression Institute creates and supports vigorous self-learning systems in organizations and communities to enable enduring performance and resilient outcomes while consuming dramatically fewer resources.

The Compression Institute was founded to extend and put into practice many of the ideas that Robert “Doc” Hall summarized in the book, Compression (2009). While the Institute officially launched in the fall of 2011, we are just getting starting and we are looking forward to working with individuals and organizations to drastically reduce our resource use while improving quality of life for all.

This is a collaborative platform to support an operational approach to overcoming the challenge of environmental, social, and economic sustainability. The primary vehicle for meeting these challenges, we believe, is by developing Vigorous Learning Organizations, and the Compression Institute will help define, clarify, disseminate, and implement the principles for creating them. But first, leaders of organizations must become aware of the challenges that society and their business face now and in the future; and they need to begin to see how a change in thinking, what we call Compression Thinking, will help them deliver effective and valued results to their customers so they will prosper in these challenging times.

The Compression Institute will support leaders by providing education materials, peer-to-peer action learning groups, workshops, and mentoring and coaching. We will collect case studies, lessons learned, and effective practices and share them will other organizations so we can all benefit from each other’s learning.