Labor Network for Sustainability

If you care about the future of the labor movement and you care about the future of the planet the Labor Network for Sustainability needs you and you need the Labor Network for Sustainability.

Labor Network for Sustainability is dedicated to engaging trade unions, workers and our allies to support economic, social, and environmental sustainability. LNS provides a community for those in the labor and sustainability movements and their allies who care about economic justice, ecology, and equality. Our members are helping labor become a force for advancing worker interests – while advancing the broader social good.

The LNS addresses the issues – from climate protection to food security, from economic justice to corporate accountability, from water availability to renewable energy – that will determine whether we have a just and sustainable future.

LNS founding president Joe Uehlein, former Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO’s Industrial Union Department and member of the Union of Concerned Scientists’ National Advisory Board, says:

For us the idea of sustainability includes but goes beyond the environment to encompass social and economic sustainability as well. The fight against global warming, for example, is really part of a broad shift in society’s principles and vision – a shift from honoring greed to honoring what’s good for the health of the planet and the people on it first and foremost. That’s to the benefit of labor – and it will only happen if labor helps take the lead.

The Labor Network for Sustainability works closely with many unions and with such labor-environmental coalitions as the Blue-Green Alliance and the Apollo Alliance. Our particular role is to connect and inform individuals active at all levels within and allied with organized labor. As an independent network of individuals, we seek to promote an informed but freewheeling discussion in and around the labor movement of what it will really take to create a sustainable future.