Slow Money

"The Slow Money Alliance is a national network and a family of local networks, organized around:

The Slow Money Principles
New ways of thinking about the relationship between food, money and soil;

Regional Events
Slow Money Institutes, local discussion groups and entrepreneur showcases organized by Slow Money chapters;

National Gatherings
Annual events that bring together investors, donors, entrepreneurs, activists and farmers from around the country and the world; and,

Financial Products and Services
Incubating new vehicles to make it easier for individuals of all economic backgrounds to participate, including the first of these to launch, The Soil Trust.

Our members include experienced investors, leading food entrepreneurs, social investment pioneers, organic farmers and just plain old regular folks who are worried about where their investments are going or who want to chip in small donations.  All of us believe that putting some of our money to work in local food enterprises makes tremendous sense—in terms of financial diversification, in terms of biological diversity, in terms of security, in terms of local resilience, in terms of addressing many of today’s most pressing health and environmental challenges."