Posting Guidelines

Event submissions will be promptly reviewed by New Economy Coalition staff and posted on the New Economy Week map when approved.

We are excited to help promote and showcase your organizing efforts and demonstrate to the world not only that the economy needs to change but that change is underway.

Event submissions will be moderated based on the following guidelines:

1. Events must be open to the public and scheduled between November 9th and 15th.

2. Events that are not aligned with the values of the New Economy Coalition will not be approved or endorsed as part of New Economy Week.

3. The New Economy Coalition currently focuses on organizations working in the United States and Canada. Events outside of this region will not be included on the map.

4. New Economy Week seeks to promote events that educate and build community.  New Economy Week is not a vehicle for sales promotions or publicizing individual businesses. Exceptions may be made for cooperative and other community-owned enterprises.